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Pop Art Davis

Pop Art Davis is the brainchild of John Davis, a prolific artist with an offbeat and creative mind. His portfolio showcases a myriad of artistic spaces that he has created, ranging from outer space to TV and movie references, social commentary, and more. Experience the colorful and off-kilter world of this talented artist through his unique portfolio.

John Davis is a conceptual artist with a love for captivating perspective. His detailed, eclectic pieces pull inspiration from the intricate worlds of Richard Scary and David Macaulay, alongside the inspiring works of classic sci-fi artists of the 60s and 70s. Recognized for His talent, John received an Outstanding Achievement in Drawing award at the Arts Magnet High School. His portfolio later led to a first-place scholarship to Eastfield College. John's commitment to detail is balanced by an embrace of the unexpected, yielding atmospheric environments rich with the opportunity for discovery.

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